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The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Your Next Road Trip With Your Dog!

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When I packed for our road trip to the beach, I found many vacation packing check-lists to help me prepare and remember everything I needed on my trip. But none for my dog, Teddy! So I came up with the ultimate packing checklist for traveling with your dog.

When traveling, dogs can get anxiety to unfamiliar environments. It’s best to be prepared and bring along their favorite things to remind them of home. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a checklist you can printout and use before your next road trip!

The Most Important:

  • Medical records/ Vaccination records- Either print or keep a copy in your phone for easy access.

  • Medicine & Supplements

  • Calming aids -These CBD treats and Thunder Shirt works great on Teddy.

  • Harness, Leash, Tags

  • First Aid Kit- Your Kit should include the following: Benadryl, Neosporin, gauze pads, wide tape, scissors, tweezers. Here's a great one.

For The Car Ride:

  • Car seat- This was a game changer for Teddy. He is so much more comfortable on long rides. This one is great for smaller dogs and comes with seat belt attachments to secure the car seat.

  • Dog Seat Belt with harness- Safety is priority! You would not ride around without a seatbelt. So make sure your dog is safe with this harness and seat belt that clicks into your regular seat belt.

  • Dog Bed

  • Car Seat Cover- There is a huge chance your dog is going to get dirty on your trip. Protect your car with this waterproof car seat cover!

Other Essentials:

  • Travel dog bowls- the ones that collapse like this one are the best! I highly recommend taking extras. I always seem to forget them somewhere.

  • Travel Water bottle like this one is convenient for on the go.

  • Poop bags

  • Extra poop bags

  • Dog food & always take EXTRA!

  • Treats & chews to keep them preoccupied.

  • Favorite toys

  • Dog Carrier- It does not have to be fancy. I have this one from Amazon.

  • Pet Towels or Wet wipes- They will be great for cleaning up any dirt.


  • Clothing for the season: life jacket, sweaters, jackets to keep your dog warm in the cold and cooling vests to keep them cool in the summer.

Remember to take lots of breaks to stretch your dog's legs and enjoy your trip!


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