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Tips For Traveling Safely During The Pandemic

If you do plan to travel during this time, I’m sharing a few tips for traveling safely during the pandemic.

I know many people are hesitant to travel during the pandemic right now. Rightfully so! You should always air on the side of caution. We obviously can not travel like we once did before. Safety should be our priority at home and away.

I have taken three trips in the past few months; Florida, San Francisco and NOLA. I did not just jump on a flight, instead I took time to do my research to learn about each state’s requirements, find safe accommodations, and made sure to bring extra masks and hand sanitizers. If you are planning a trip, I’m sharing a few tips for traveling safely during the pandemic.

1. Check the local state guidelines.

Currently, I have only traveled statewide as many countries have restricted American travelers from entering their borders. I checked this website to learn about each states travel guidelines and requirements before booking my trip. Note- guidelines change frequently.

2. Choose an airline that puts safety first.

The CDC states, “Most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on flights because of how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes." By default, Delta is my go to airlines due to its hub in Atlanta. Delta has implemented many safety measures including leaving the middle seat empty. You can learn more abut Delta's protocols here.

3. Similarly, pick accommodations that ensure your safety.

Before traveling, I researched hotel and Airbnb protocols to ensure I picked accommodation that had minimum human interaction and strict cleaning procedures. I also decided to rent a car instead of using rideshare apps to minimize human contact.

4. Wear a mask, ALWAYS.

This seems obvious but sadly some states do not have a mask mandate. Keep in mind, all airlines do and you can be banned for not wearing a mask.

5. Bring hand sanitizer and wipes everywhere.

Be more aware of what you touch when traveling. Since it is inevitable, make sure to always carry hand sanitizer and wipes to keep your hands clean when you can not wash them. TSA now allows one 12 oz bottles of hand sanitizer in your carry-on.

6. Avoid contact with people that are not part of your household.

7. Choose outdoor dining.

8. Get tested before + after your trip.

Remember, it is on you to not spread the disease. Ensure you aren’t an asymptomatic carrier by getting tested before and after you travel to decrease the risk of spread.

The pandemic may not be going anywhere anytime soon. But with strict protocols at home and away, we can slow the spread. I am not encouraging traveling at this time but it is possible if you are willing to take proper precautions to protect yourself and others.


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