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Teddy is a 5 year old Morkie (Maltese x Yorkie) living his best life in Atlanta, Georgia. As a puppy he looked like a real life teddy bear, hence his name.


You can find him exploring Atlanta. There is always a new mural, restaurant, trail and brewery to be found. He is a city dog at heart with a sense of style!

When not in Atlanta, you can find him traveling to explore new cities.

He is loving, playful, and will do anything for treats. His favorite things in life include belly rubs, fetching toys, and sunbathing.

Meet Teddy

Meet his Humans



Sharon is the human that gives Teddy a voice on social media and takes the photos. She started Teddy’s Instagram for fun. It has evolved into a blog to share her experiences of being a first time dog owner, traveling with her dog, & living a dog friendly lifestyle. Sharon was born in India & raised in Pennsylvania. Atlanta is currently home to both of them, a city they love to explore together!

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