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Spoil your dog on Valentine's Day by making this drool worthy recipe. Celebrate with heart shaped dog treats!

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Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Dog Treats

Valentine's Day isn't just for the humans anymore. After all we love and spoil our dogs everyday, so why not pamper them on Valentine's Day too with heart shaped dog treats! I find creating recipes for Teddy to be relaxing and an extra special bonding time for us. Teddy especially likes the clean up part when he gets to pre-rinse the spoon and bowls clean after I'm done baking.

Most of my recipes are easy with a few ingredients and this one isn't any different. These heart shaped dog cookies include coconut flour, coconut oil, eggs and strawberries. That's it! Feel free to use any type of flour. I used coconut flour because it is a healthier option and the white color makes the red in the strawberries stand out. Having worked with coconut flour a few times now, I find it harder to manipulate than other flours. This flour soaks up the wet ingredients and becomes sticky so I use floured hands to roll out the dough.

Whatever flour you choose to use, your dog will be drooling to try them!

If you liked this post, try making these frozen coconut heart dog treats too!

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Dog Treat Recipe

Yields: About 20 cookies


1 Cup of Coconut Flour ( Or Flour Of Choice)

2 Eggs

1/2 Cup Cut Strawberries

1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil


  • Preheat oven to 350F

  • Combine coconut flour, coconut oil, and cut strawberries in a bowl.

  • In another bowl, beat 2 eggs. Slowly pour dry ingredients into bowl with eggs. Mix throughly. Adjust dough with more flour as necessary. When using coconut flour, the consistency of the dough may be wet, sticky and crumbly. Flour your hands and mix into a ball of dough.

  • Roll out your dough using a floured rolling pin or floured hands. Cut out treats using a cookie cutter. I used these heart shaped cookie cutters to make them more fun for Valentine’s Day.

  • Place your treats on a cookie sheet. Bake in oven for 15 minutes or until edges are crisp.

  • Cool before enjoying!

Take Note:

Coconut flour tends to soak in wet ingredients and the consistency is more wet and sticky than regular flour. I recommend using floured hands to manipulate your dough instead of a rolling pin.

Using a different flour will change the consistency and time needed to bake the cookies.

** Please consult with your veterinarian before feeding anything new to your dog. Remember, these are treats and should not be replaced as a meal for your dog. **

What a year it has been! It’s easy to think 2020 was all terrible. But in reality, I managed to make great memories and accomplish many goals.

Writing down accomplishments is a great place to start the new year. This process will remind you what you managed to conquer, especially during a difficult year. Sure we all still have quite the progress we would like to make on our individual journeys but I sure am proud of how far you have come!

So take a few minutes and write down a few great memories and accomplishments you had in 2020.

Below are a few of my accomplishments in 2020:

  • I completely changed my social media presence. I transitioned my social media accounts from just Teddy to the life & relationship Teddy and I share.

  • This forced me to become more comfortable in my skin and in front of the camera. It may be a surprise considering my social media, but I am an incredibly shy introvert. For me this was a HUGE accomplishment. I’ve learned to deal with the onlookers when we are out taking photos.

  • I taught Teddy a new trick, to kiss when asked.

  • I increased what I thought I was worth. I stopped saying yes to every company that wanted to work with me (especially companies that only wanted to give free product.) I was not afraid to say no and let an opportunity pass if I was not given what I thought I deserved.

  • I wrote many more blog posts throughout the year. Many that inspired lots of you.

  • I Read 12 books -My goal was 1 per month.

  • I started to make more sustainable choices which included adding a meatless day every week.

  • I lived through major renovations and started making my apartment a home.

This easy homemade gingerbread dog treat recipe will get you in the mood for Christmas. The recipe calls for six ingredients and your dog will love them!

It's the most wonderful time of the year to bake and when calories don't count. (I wish!) I love the smell of cinnamon in the air during Christmas. It reminds me of apple pie and gingerbread cookies. My sister and I love to decorate gingerbread men while listening to Christmas songs. Our fun memories inspired me to create a dog-friendly gingerbread treat for Teddy.

I may not be the world's best baker when it comes to human treats but I sure can whip up some easy treats for my dog, Teddy. I prefer to bake him treats because I know exactly what ingredients he is consuming. Plus, it's fun to let him lick the spoon to help me clean up. I created this dog-friendly gingerbread treat recipe knowing what ingredients are toxic to dogs and what may make my dog's stomach upset. Although ginger and cinnamon are safe for dogs, any pre-mixed spice with nutmeg, clove and allspice are NOT safe. Molasses are safe for dogs in small quantities but please consult a veterinarian if your dog has food allergies/insensitivities.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


Ginger and Cinnamon are safe for dogs. Do NOT use pumpkin spice mix that contains nutmeg, clove and allspice. These are toxic to animals.

You can substitute any flour of your choice (oat flour, coconut flour, wheat flour) but you may need to add more or less depending on the consistency of the flour.

It is safe for Dogs to have a small amount of molasses but make sure your molasses does not have artificial sweeteners (such as Xylitol). If you feel hesitant or unsure how your dog's GI will react to molasses you can substitute for peanut butter, but note the treats may not look the same.

If your dog is sensitive to dairy, do not use the greek yogurt to decorate the gingerbread treats. You can consider using Kefir.

Gingerbread Dog Treats

Yield: About 15-20 Cookies


1 cup Flour (make it gluten-free by using coconut/oat flour)

2 tb molasses

1 tb coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

2 eggs

Plain greek yogurt for decorating


  1. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F

  2. In one bowl, combine oil, molasses, and egg in a mixing bowl and whisk until mixed well.

  3. In another bowl, sift flour, ginger, and cinnamon into wet ingredients. Mix well until a dough forms.

  4. Flour your work space, roll the dough out to 1/4” thickness.

  5. Cut shapes into dough with fun holiday themed cookie cutters.

  6. Place cookies on a baking sheet and bake until firm about 15-25 minutes depending on the type of flour used.

  7. Allow cookies to completely cool on a wire rack.

  8. When cool, use greek yogurt to decorate the gingerbread men dog treats.


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