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Valentine's Day Dog Treats- Frozen Coconut Hearts

With Teddy turning 6 years old, I wanted to add some healthy habits to Teddy's repertoire. There's no easier way than adding coconut oil! It's considered a"good fat" with many anti-inflammatory benefits along with aiding in digestion, promoting good mental function, and improving skin health. Many close to Teddy know he suffers from dry skin year round. After a few months of adding coconut oil to his diet and skin care routine, he has been scratching less and smelling better! (No seriously, the first remark Teddy's aunt made on her last visit was his improved smell.)

These treats are an easy way to start adding coconut oil to your diet! And with Valentine's Day around the corner we added strawberries for more fun!


  • 1/4 cup Coconut oil room temperature (Use Unrefined/Virgin/Cold pressed for dogs)

  • Organic Strawberries (I used blueberries also.)



1. Cut strawberries/blueberries into small pieces.

2. Mix in bowl with room temperature coconut oil. (Melt in microwave if the oil is solid.)

3. Spoon the mixture into mold-- you may have to get hands messy but I am sure your pup will help with the clean up.

4. Place in freezer for an hour or until frozen.

5. Enjoy! Store leftovers in a sealed container in the freezer.

Disclaimer: Please be aware the Teddy Takes the City may receive an affiliate income when you purchase something through a purchase link. If you are new to coconut oil we recommend starting with small amounts. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian on any health related choices. I am not a registered Veterinarian.


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