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Travel Guide: A Weekend Getaway in San Diego with your dog!

To say we loved San Diego is an understatement! Dare I say, San Diego is one of the most dog friendly cities we have been to yet! Atlanta could learn a few things. Between all the dog friendly beaches, outdoor activities, and places to eat, you will find something you and your dog will love! For reference, we stayed downtown in the Gaslamp district and had a car to drive to Del Mar, La Jolla, and many other places.

Here are a few must do's on your next trip:

Eat at IN n Out Burger

There's not much more to say other than order your burger "animal style" and order your dog a "pup patty" You will thank me later!

Other Dining Options

The Gaslamp quarter had many food options, most with outdoor patio seating. Some allowed us to bring Teddy inside, such as Spill the Beans. There are many restaurants with dog menus, such as Barbarella Restaurant and Slater's 50/50. Catch Yappy Hour at Hotel Del Coronado on Sunday between 4-5pm.

Explore a Dog friendly Beach

There are so many great dog beaches where you can let your dog run off leash! We visited Del Mar dog beach, Ocean dog beach, and Coronado Beach but there are more to explore! Teddy isn't a water person but even he enjoyed himself chasing dogs on the sand. The sunsets we saw were unbelievably picture perfect!

Find a Dog Park

We didn't have much time to spend at dog parks (since we spent so much time at the beaches). There are some great dog parks to visit such as Fiesta Island (which has a beach) and Nate's Point (which is at Balboa Park). I recommend walking around Balboa Park even if dogs are not allowed inside the museums. The buildings are beautiful and the gardens are perfectly manicured.

Go Mural Hunting

Finding the San Diego mural was a no brainer. But there are so many others to explore.

Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or Kayaking)

We tried SUP with Teddy for the first time and we didn't get wet! Teddy was uncertain at first and tried to move around the board. It was a fun experience that I recommend trying at least once! We went with Aqua Adventures but there are other dog friendly companies such as SUP Pups Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tour & Playtime.

Watch a Sunset (or Sunrise)

We like to sleep in on vacation so we only caught sunsets. All of them were absolutely beautiful! I recommend just pulling over anywhere near the beach or water. You won't be disappointed.

Catch a Game at Petco Park

You can't call it Petco Park and not allow dogs to watch the Padres play ball. They have designated dog areas called the "The Backyard" that are available to reserve.

My last recommendation is to meet up with friends. We found some of our Instagram friends were having a pack walk and decided to join IRL. It was highly rewarding!

Hope you enjoy your trip to San Diego!


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