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Things Teddy and I Plan To Do in 2020

Travel To New Places

Many years ago, I remember my sister and I creating a list of places where we would like to travel. I am happy to say we have been crossing places off each year. In 2019, we made it to Spain and swimming with the Whale Sharks in Holbox, Mexico. Teddy traveled to two new cities, Philadelphia and San Diego. This year I will continue my tradition of travel, with and with out Teddy. First up is a once in a lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands! I have a few trips in mind with Teddy, although it will not be international travel as of yet.

Read More

I did not get to read as much as I wanted in 2019. But I have already picked up my first book, The Other Einstein, and joined a book club. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Learn New Tricks

I am looking for new ways to spend more quality time with Teddy. Not just cuddle and TV time. Although, we will definitely have plenty of cuddle time. I plan to work with Teddy to learn some new tricks like "hold" and "sit pretty."

Transforming My Place into a Home

Behind the scenes, there has been much chaos in our living situation that I have chosen not to share on social media. Mostly because it has been hard to live it, then have to share it, and then keep talking about it. With the new year comes a new living space and I can not wait to share! I am no designer, but I am excited to transform my new place into a home!

Build a New Website

When I first created this current website, I did not know what I was doing (I'm not sure I still do). I chose the easy route and learned the hard way that all websites are not built equally. I will say, I have loved sharing more content on a website versus limiting myself to social media. Anyone know a tech nerd who could help a girl out? Please pass on their information!

Expand Our Content

Our social media content has evolved over time from just Teddy photos to including me and my perspective. I have enjoyed sharing my perspective because it allows our followers to get to know us better. And in return we learn more about you. I plan to continue focusing on our relationship together but don't worry there will always be cute photos of Teddy!

Teddy and I are so grateful our followers have grown with us and hope you will continue on our journey. Keep a look out for a new Instagram handle!

Love, Sharon and Teddy


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