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Tips for Organizing Your Dog's Closet

So many of our IG friends have dream closets, human and pup alike! They inspired me to finally organize Teddy's closet. When I put all of his things in one area, I realized just how much stuff he has accumulated! (BTW- this is only a quarter of his closet!)

After asking Teddy which items sparked joy for him we donated the lightly used toys and clothes. Now came the fun part- organizing! I'm an organizing queen. Although, it may not look like it sometimes. I sectioned off some space in an extra closet for his things. It was important for me organize it so I can see all of his clothes and accessories, yet not be overwhelmed.

I started by removing all the clothes and accessories that were not seasonally appropriate. I used clear storage boxes, along with smaller boxes to separate items by season or holiday.

I chose to use skirt hangers on his shirts and sweaters because even the baby hangers were too big for his clothes. I put in drawer organizers that are stackable so I can easily reach any of his accessories.

Using a bracelet bar, I was able to stack his collars easily. (You can use a headband holder instead.)

For everything else, I used an array of baskets and bins to organize his toys and things that are bulky like his shark life vest for swimming.

Here are some great storage ideas to get you inspired!

1. Clear Storage Bin in Peach or Gray

2. Rose Gold Wire Basket

3. Collapsible Storage Bins

4. Stripe Storage Bin

5. Seagrass Basket with Dots

6. Basic Clear Storage Box

7. Tall Wicker Basket

8. Collapsible Wicked Basket

9. Piece Metal Basket Set

1. Rectangular Drawer Organizer

2. Clear Drawer Organizer

3. Bracelet Bar

4. Kinney Single Drawer Organizer

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