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No Bake “Cookies” with Stella and Chewy’s

Happy Holidays friends! This time of year is magical with all the parties, gift giving, and delicious food. Our Holiday traditions include baking and decorating cookies with our favorite holiday music playing. We always make a batch for the humans and for Teddy. This year I have been short on time so I came up with an easy, no bake cookie recipe using Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried raw patties. Let us know if you make them!

Gather your Ingredients:

All you need is your favorite Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried patty, plain Greek yogurt, and cookie cutters!

Cut out the shapes:

Use the cookie cutters to cut out the shapes in your patty. I recommend to use the thinner patties. Use scissors to cut around the cookie cutter as needed to get the right shape.

Decorate with Plain Greek Yogurt:

Here's the fun part! Decorate your no bake cookies. I put a large spoon full of greek yogurt into a ziplock bag and cut a tiny hole to pipette the greek yogurt.



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