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Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Moms!

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we put together a gift guide for all the special dog moms in your life! Because we are not regular moms, we are dog moms!

This adorable set includes a human wine glass, wine dog toy, rainbow dog cookie, pink “xoxo” balloon, and personalized gift tag. Use our friend @cavapoo_cooper's code CAVCOOPER10 for a discount.

You are looking at the biggest mama's boy and Teddy is not ashamed to wear it! Use our friend @sheldonthedood's code SHELDON for a discount.

My 2 favorite things in life, dogs & champagne!

The cutest hoodie for your pup! This one only comes in small dog sizes.

We all go on walks everyday, might as well do it in style!

At every event, I find myself bringing along so many things for Teddy. This is a perfect tote to carry his water, bowl, treats....

For all the frenchie lovers out there!

This way your guest knows what to bring you!

This hoodie comes in 3 colors; camo, pink, & gray. The camo is my favorite because there's a matching camo dog shirt in her store! Use my friend @Bowserkoopha's code BOWSER for a discount.

Happy Mother's Day to all the fur-mamas!


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