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Iconic Places to take photos with your dog- Atlanta Edition

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

We are often asked where to get the most iconic photos when visiting Atlanta. Whether you are visiting or live in Atlanta, here's a list to get you started and continue exploring.

Thank you to my Atlanta pals @The_Glennjamin_Button and @Noodlethestandardpoodle who provided photos!

Centennial Park:

This park opened in 1996 to be used during the Summer Olympic Games. Today its a multi-use greenspace with downtown views. Bonus- you can run in the Fountain of Rings to cool down on a hot day.

Piedmont Park:

You can find great views of the Midtown Skyline along with the lake found in the park.

Photo by @Noodlethestandardpoodle

Jackson Street Bridge:

This spot was made famous by the show Walking Dead and you can see why with its magnificent city views.


Atlanta Beltline Murals:

The beltline is a trail that connects many parts of Atlanta. Murals can be found along all of the trails making great photo opportunities! Not sure where to go for a mural- check this site to find the location of every mural.

Krog St. Tunnel:

The Krog St. Tunnel is similar to the Beltline and has even more street art.

Photos by: @The_Glennjamin_Button

Rainbow Crosswalks:

This is a busy intersection found at 10th & Piedmont Ave in the heart of the city's LGBTQ community. Note- please use caution when taking photos with your pup! We recommend going very early in the morning.

Tiny Doors ATL:

This art project is made by a famous local artist, Karen Anderson. They can be found all around the city and there is always a new one to be found! You can find a map of them here. Bonus- There is one LARGE Tiny Door

Photos by @Noodlethestandardpoodle


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