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Happy New Year!

The time between Christmas and New Years is a great time to look back on 2019 to remind yourself how far you have come and to set your vision to 2020. Many people have resolutions but find it hard to stay motivated and consistent through out the year. No matter what your resolution, these ideas and tools can help you get started & stay motivated through out the year.

  • Have a vision board party.

  • Tell a friend. It helps you stay accountable.

  • Organize your space.

  • Read books or Podcasts that inspire.

  • Write down the exact steps and when you wish to accomplish them.

  • Break down the year into quarters & reevaluate your goals quarterly.

  • Below are ideas for planner, stickers, & more to get you started!


Inspirational Books:

Sticker Books:

Note Pads:

Happy New Year!

Love, Teddy and Share


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