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How To Hang A Perfect Gallery Wall Without Nails

Hanging a perfect gallery wall can be challenging. I will show you the easiest, fool-proof way to put up a gallery wall without using nails and creating holes in your wall!

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Since moving into my new place, I have been looking at blank walls for months now. The idea of finding frames, picking photos and putting up a gallery wall has been daunting! To make it easier, I used this frame set. It comes with 12 frames that are already matted and look beautiful! I had to get creative in order to put up the frames without making multiple holes in my wall. Through my trial and error, I was able to figure out two tips that streamlined the project and I was able to get the frames perfectly straight the first time!

My first tip is to get a level! Sure you can use a tape measure and hope for the best. But seriously, save yourself the headache and get a level. Even this small level for $5 will help you hang your photos perfectly straight the first time!

So how did I put up all these frames without a single hole in the wall?

I used 3m command picture hanging strips! I have used 3m command hooks previously to hang my hats. And even put up my heavy mirror with multiple command strips without it falling down. The larger strips hold 16 pounds and the smaller strips hold 12 pounds. I recommend getting the larger pack with assorted sizes.

These frames are not that heavy, so I used 1.5 command strips for each frame. I cut the command strips down the middle and applied it to the back of the frame. When you put your strip down on the back of the frame, make sure you do not put it over the edge of the frame or else it will show when you put it on the wall. You then will need to peel the sticker off the backend of your strip. I recommend putting the level on the top of your frame to see if it is straight before you stick it to the wall.

The best part is no holes in the wall and no extra holes from all your mistakes. You can take the frames off the wall and change the photos easily. If one of your frames look off center, easily pull the strip off and start over. This is the best solution if you are a renter or a home owner!

There you have it- the easiest, fool-proof way to put up a gallery wall!


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