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Get To Know Us Better!

Updated: Jan 27, 2020


  • Born in the boonies of Georgia and raised as a city pup.

  • He LIVES for breakfast every morning because he always gets some of mine.

  • Humps his bed EVERYDAY after he eats dinner. He has completely embarrassed me by doing this in front of guests.

  • As a puppy, the worst thing he ever did was chew up an expensive rug (that was not mine.) I had to pay a lot to get it fixed. Otherwise, he's a good boy who's very chill.

  • He is Clingy AF! I never get the chance to go to the bathroom by myself.

  • The best first dog a girl could ask for!


  • Teddy is my first dog EVER! Although I have always wanted dogs as a child my parents would not let me. It has been quite the ride being a first time dog mom.

  • Born in India but moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by the age of 4. I was raised as a quintessential Indian immigrant. Only my parents and sister live in the US, the rest of my family is still in India. Who we visit every few years.

  • My go to guilty pleasure show is 90 Day Fiance. If you want to discuss an episode, DM me!

  • I don't have a middle name. No one in my family does. Are we weird?

  • I am a science nerd who likes to know how things work down to the molecule.


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