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Room Reveal: My Balcony Revealed!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

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I spent a lot of time dreaming up ideas on how I planned to design and decorate my main balcony and now I am so excited to reveal it to you! I will share exactly what outdoor sets, accessories, and plants I used to make my outdoor space stunning. You can find answers to all the questions my audience had for me. Hope this helps you create your own outdoor oasis!

I am so excited to show you my entire main balcony! It has been a labor of love during quarantine. I have spent countless hours out there getting fresh air while being stuck indoors. And the Atlanta city view is spectacular! The moment I saw the main balcony in my new unit I could already envision the potential. I wanted the outdoor space to be an extension of my indoor space. There were some challenges and I had to get creative but I absolutely love how it turned out!

Looking for a specific item on my balcony- Scroll down to the bottom of this post!

I will start by saying I do not have a degree in design and usually end in design paralysis where I have to call a designer friend for help. With that being said, I had so much fun designing and decorating my balcony! I started with what I had, this old set from Target that has held up well.

My style is mostly modern and minimalstic indoors and I kept that style on my balcony for continuity. My main colors of choice is simple black and white indoors, making this black and white striped rug a must have for my balcony. I have a long balcony so I split up the space into a larger party area to accommodate more guests, a reading space, a bar area if I wanted to grab a quick bite or drink, and a grilling area.

I knew I would want to host parties on my balcony in the future so I purchased this oversized sectional with plenty of seating. I recommend looking into small balcony furniture that is multi-functional. For instance, the smaller fire pit may not be used in the summer time but can always be used as a table to hold drinks. The final decor pieces that brought this area together are the outdoor string lights and fire pit table, when it gets dark the place really lights up!

The DIY hanging bar is my favorite part right now. I had to really get creative on how to transition from the party area to my reading nook yet it had to be something that did not take up much space since it is right by the door. After much research on Etsy and Pinterest I decided to go with a removable bar that would hang off my balcony railing. Initially, I planned on purchasing the hanging bar but after seeing how easy it is to make I decided to get my hands dirty and DIY the project. It turned out better than I hoped!

Decorating my outdoor space with string lights, lanterns, bright cushions and plants is what made it feel like home.

No project comes without its challenges! My biggest problem is not having a covered balcony, making it impossible to enjoy when it rains and it amplifies any wind that blows so I can not simply use a patio umbrella. I also could not drill anything, making it hard to hang lights or the bar top. For the lights, I used 3m Command hooks and it worked like a charm!

Whether you have a large back yard or small balcony like me, you too can create a stunning outdoor living space that you can use daily. Below, I answered a few questions I have gotten to help you get started.

Where do I start?

Start with what you have. Do you have an old set that needs new cushions or some paint to brighten it up? Create a budget and get creative on how you can maximize that budget. Outdoor sets are expensive because they are an investment! If you can, wait for a good sale or DIY!

Choose your style.

Look at Pinterest or google to create a mood board and hone down on a style. Decide how you would like to use your space. Do you want to have large gatherings or is it just you?

What are your challenges?

Do you have a small space, no shelter from rain, can’t drill because it’s a rental? Do you have a dog that may have accidents? Do you need more privacy using shrubs or artificial hedges. Make sure to choose materials wisely for the outdoor elements. You do not want to end up with a soggy rug or a dog that poops on your artificial grass turf.

Get creative & Make it feel like home.

I know people who have built their own sectionals! If you can dream it you can find someone to help you make it.

Where do I shop for my Outdoor Sets/Accessories/Plants?

My favorite stores to shop for outdoor sets are Target, West Elm, and Wayfair. For plants, I recommend a local nursery. My favorite outdoor plant is the palm tree, they are a forgiving plant for the outdoor elements. Accessories are the most fun part and I find them in many stores such as Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods.

Every Item On My Balcony


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