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August Bucket List

It’s officially my birthday month and I can’t wait to celebrate all month long! Of course I love to make sure Teddy gets in on the fun too by doing dog-friendly adventures with him. I came up with a bucket list for August with all the things I would love to do before summer 2020 lets out! I realize we are in a unique time, but that doesn't mean I can't get creative in making a bucket list that is fun yet safe.

Here's what is on my August bucket list:

1. Road Trip to the Beach with Teddy.

Every year, I plan a trip to the beach but this year’s trip will look very different. Along with social distancing, I plan to stay in a house on a more secluded beach area to stay away from crowds. I would like to get up early to catch a sunrise (usually I sleep in on vacations) and make sure to lay under the stars.

2. Go Tubing Down the Cattahoochee River

I’ve gone tubing without Teddy before but would love to take Teddy along a relaxing tubing ride. Cool River Tubing allows pups to come along!

3. Hike at Cloudland Canyon State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park has many breathtaking hikes and picturesque waterfalls. It’s easy to see why I put it on my bucket list. But it’s located in the Northwestern corner of Georgia, making it more than just a day trip. Which is why I would love to stay in one of their dog-friendly cabins and enjoy catching a sunrise!

4. Go to a Drive in Movie Theatre

I miss going to the movies! Right now I couldn’t imagine going to the movie theatre but a drive-in movie would be a great substitute! Starlight Drive-in Theatre is a permanent drive-in movie theatre in Atlanta but the good news is new drive-in movies are popping up around the city. The best news is I can bring Teddy in the car to watch the movie.

5. Learn to Make a New Summer Cocktail

I love a cool refreshing drink like a margarita in the summertime but I would love to learn a new cocktail. I’m thinking a sangria or one of those fun popsicle cocktails.

6. Have a Socially Distanced Dog Mom Hang-out

I miss seeing all the dog-mom friends I have made in Atlanta and would love to have a socially distanced picnic or get together!

Let me know what’s on your bucket list for the rest of summer 2020!


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