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10 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas While On A Budget

These easy holiday decorating ideas will turn your home into a magical wonderland for Christmas while keeping you on a budget.

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We can all agree that December is going to be the best month 2020 has to offer. There’s nothing like the joy that the holidays bring! For the first time in my adult life, I am putting up and decorating a large faux Christmas Tree. Every year I either have not had the space or time to get a Christmas tree. But I have always decorated for Christmas and I like to bring a touch of the holidays into each room.

Here are 10 simple creative ways to decorate your home for Christmas while still staying on a budget:

1. Garlands

Use Garlands to quickly and easily transform your house. I recommend using fresh ones from Trader Joe’s ($7!) to give you the fresh pine smell that is synonymous to Christmas. Get creative and use it anywhere such as draped over doorways or your banister and as part of your centerpiece on your table. Try hanging your garlands in an asymmetrical look to get a completely different aesthetic. And add layers using this pom pom garland ($10) or beads ($11).

2. Add Holiday Cheer To Your Pet's Area

While decorating your home, don't forget about your pet's space. I decorate a small 3ft Christmas tree for Teddy along with adding lots of lights on his teepee.

3. DIY Christmas Tree Using Lights

Last year I did not have the space or time to get a tree and decorate but I still wanted my place to look festive. You can easily use a string of lights and command hooks to create a Christmas tree. The best part is that you can use it to hold all the holiday cards you may receive. The string of lights at Target cost $5.

4. Hang Stockings In Unexpected Places

If you do not have a fireplace or a mantle like me you can still hang your stockings in new places such as a blanket ladder or a console table. My Christmas stockings are from Target for $5-$10.

5. Use Ornaments or Pinecones to decorate

The easiest way to decorate for Christmas is to fill up a bowl or vase with ornaments or pinecones. Another creative way is to hang them on a simple branch.

6. Add Small Live Christmas Trees

You may or may not have a large center tree. Try adding a smaller pine tree that’s either real or faux around your house. This Live Christmas tree from Home Depot was about $20.

7. Faux Presents

Every tree needs presents underneath them! It’s easy to create DIY presents using an Amazon box.

8. Lights & Candles

I find that lights and candles truly turn your place into a magical wonderland at night.

9. Brush Bottle Trees

I absolutely love this trend! It’s so easy to transform a shelf or mantle by adding a few brush bottle trees. Or heck get crazy and make a full forest! The larger brush bottle trees are about $10-$15 at Target and the smaller brush bottle trees came in a set for $15.

10. Christmas Houses or Village

Just like the brush bottle trees, you can create a whole Christmas village (city) or use a few to decorate a shelf. I found these decorative figurines at the dollar section at Target.

I hope these easy Christmas decoration ideas have inspired you to decorate your home for the holidays this year!


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